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13 May 2018:

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Welcome to Rakaaz Rottweilers Australia

Our aim is to produce quality, sound Rottweilers who will excel in conformation and working, and of course be wonderful companions to their owners. 
Meet our featured dogs who we either own or have bred.
Home to TSD Ch Slv Ch, NRC(A) & Dual Ch (T) Wenno of Nicolas Lion HT IPOI (Imp Croatia).

If you have any queries about this wonderful breed please contact us.
Susie & John 

Litter born, due to go to their homes late June 2018. Contact us for further information.

Sire:  International & Belgium Champion Gromm Hof Chao VPGIII ZTP BH (Belgium) HD Frei ED Frei Eye and Mouth clear JLPP clear
Gromm Hof Chao

Dam: multi Class in Specialty Show, V rated, Ch Argead Viper HD 0:0 ED 0:0 Eye and Mouth clear JLPP clear


Photos from 2007 Klubsieger & IFR in Rottweil, Germany
photo  photo